Sunday, February 22, 2009

Benefits of Quaker's

This morning I took notice of the vintage Quaker Oats mug that sat on a kitchen shelf in my rented home. I got it with the purchase of the Quaker's Oats. Here in Malaysia we have Quaker's Oats that are grown in Australia rather than America. The benefit of the oats is truely wonderful. It could reduce the colestrol in our body and its good for our body and most important is our heart.The picture on top is the function of the oats, it could absorb the colestrol just like a sponge and providing giving us a healthier heart.
Please check out my next post as i will introduce Quaker's product that suit the tenagers taste.


Greetings my dear readers, im Gary from Selangor. now im persuing my studies in Multimedia University (MMU)Malacca. The things that im gonna talk about is evething about Quaker's. I choose Quaker's because im a Quaker's consumer and it help me a lot in controling my diet and providing me a good health. The rest of the post will be me sharing my knowledge and experience about Quaker's.