Sunday, May 3, 2009

oatmeal squares???

yeah...i almost forgot. i have a new type of cereal from quaker. i have not open it, but i believe it taste something like life cereal. there is two reason why i buy it
i) im curious of how it taste like
ii)it contain high fiber(i need it to do "business")
well..i'll keep you all up to date as soon as i try it...hehehe


q-vital..when i first heard the name i though its something like vitagen. when i saw it, then i know is still oats again. i wonder why quaker dont come out with some drinks that have oats in it...hmmm..
alrite,back to topic.
q-vital is what my mom take every morning as her breakfast. i never taste it before, my mom always ask me to try and in the end i did not. i dont why when i look at it, i dont feel like taking it.
anyway, here is the picture of it.

guest where i took this picture from...hahahahaa

hot CHOC(highly recomended, do try this at home)

now come to my favorite product of all. quaker had come out a chocolate drink with oats in it. i love that so much, it taste like hot chocolate when u mix it with milk. its tick, smooth, and the aroma. what important the most is it taste like...fuyoh!!...
this seriously worth a try..seriously!! jokes...

daily meal..

now, this is what i eat every morning. it taste very plain. what i do is i always pour in milk and add some prunes or berries if i have some. sometimes i'll put in ice-cream and grapes and it the taste is like heaven. you may try it, all you you have to do is be creative in mixing the ingredients.

simple harvest, not recomended for lazy people

alrite folks, this post i'll intro a new product of quaker, but i dont know whether is it in the market already. how i get those product before they enter the market??..i got my way la...
this cereal oats is a little leceh(troublesome). i have to use hot water to actually taste it. but, i tell u all, the aroma and the taste of the cereal oats is superb.
here is the picture of it

i know their packing is not that nice...after you taste it, you will not care about the packaging

my USA cereal bar

after knowing some about the quaker cereal, now we back to the oats again. im lucky enough that my uncle brought back a quaker breakfast bar from USA and its taste so much better than all the breakfast bar in Malaysia.i wonder y Malaysia dont have such product or else......i'll be their biggest consumer...hahahahahha
unfortunately, i only have a few of those.

i have "LIFE"

well, beside eating oats i take quaker cereal too, its called "life cereal". its available in the market now and there is two flavor i tried before which is original and brown sugar with maple. i personally prefer the original flavor simply because the brown sugar flavor is too sweet for me.
as for the cinnamon flavor, its not in Malaysia yet...SAD CASE la

flava rich

ok, the previous post i talk about the granny, im gonna tell u guys about the 1 that i think u all will like it.
its called quaker flavor-rich oatmeal. its has soluble fiber in it that help us in our digestion. i take it every morning, 2 packs a day to help me to have a easier time to do a big "business"..haha
lets have a look at the picture so that you all will not say "ooii...what good stuff dont want to share"

1 more things...although i enjoy eating oats..but i dont use it to do mask..its so gay

Saturday, May 2, 2009

"ah ma" should try this

alright, until here maybe u all will think that im a big fan of quaker. frankly speaking im not. there is some product that i hate..for example:

that 2 product above i called it the granny oat. it taste like porridge with the smell of corn...strong smell of corn...errgghh....i just cant take it. if u guys think that u are old...u may have a try of the granny oat

chewy bar...chew chew chew

hey guys..its been long time since i blog...mainly bcoz i don share thing online that often. i usually prefer to share my stuff in kopi tiam.
well..for this post...i would like to recommend another product of quaker. its called quaker chewy,
well its basically a breakfast bar or also known as energy come in few flavors like chocolate, peanut butter and choc chis mix with peanut butter.
its very handy and convenient and it suits for people who lazy prepare a breakfast. i always take it when im on my way to campus especially when im rush to class...i have the picture of it..u may check it out at your nearest mini mart or any supermarket.

have fun trying...its really nice..but a little too sweet..haha

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Benefits of Quaker's

This morning I took notice of the vintage Quaker Oats mug that sat on a kitchen shelf in my rented home. I got it with the purchase of the Quaker's Oats. Here in Malaysia we have Quaker's Oats that are grown in Australia rather than America. The benefit of the oats is truely wonderful. It could reduce the colestrol in our body and its good for our body and most important is our heart.The picture on top is the function of the oats, it could absorb the colestrol just like a sponge and providing giving us a healthier heart.
Please check out my next post as i will introduce Quaker's product that suit the tenagers taste.


Greetings my dear readers, im Gary from Selangor. now im persuing my studies in Multimedia University (MMU)Malacca. The things that im gonna talk about is evething about Quaker's. I choose Quaker's because im a Quaker's consumer and it help me a lot in controling my diet and providing me a good health. The rest of the post will be me sharing my knowledge and experience about Quaker's.