Sunday, May 3, 2009

daily meal..

now, this is what i eat every morning. it taste very plain. what i do is i always pour in milk and add some prunes or berries if i have some. sometimes i'll put in ice-cream and grapes and it the taste is like heaven. you may try it, all you you have to do is be creative in mixing the ingredients.


  1. halo,nice to meet you.
    i recommend u to add on more functions..
    maybe the quaker's website links and its news...
    by the way, i suggest u tat set a title for each post tat u post...
    it will be more attractive...

  2. the design is very good... just only change the font size because is looking very small

  3. hey... my parents used to have it for their breakfast! my parents mixed the oats with some milk... yes... you are right... it is really good to our health! Last time I always take this at my hometown... but now.. at melaka I lazy la... and most of the time I skipped my breakfast :-( life without family... haha